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Holiday Tales
Stories, articles & photos from our tours

Holiday with a wheelchair in Central Europe
Review written by clients of one of our Hungary tours, published in Pip's Blog.
    Click here to link to the article       Or here for an archived copy


How we research our tours - Hungary 2012
Our own insight into the behind the scenes preparation for a tour.
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"Discovering Bavaria and Makin' Tracks"
A two part article we wrote for Disability Horizons magazine,
offering advice & encouragement for wheelchair users.
    Click here for Part 1        Or here for an archived copy
    Click here for Part 2        Or here for an archived copy

   Also you can find our original draft article - in Pdf form


Some memories from our Aosta 2009 holidays
A short video
(Suggestions - Once the video is playing, click on [ ] at the bottom right corner to make it go full screen,
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"Makin' Tracks in Valle d'Aosta"
An article written by one of our clients, 
published in the Spinal Injuries Scotland magazine.
This is an archived version of the whole magazine in Pdf form - we're on pages 18-21.

    Spinal Injuries Scotland's full website is here


Makin' Tracks in 2012
A short article on our plans for 2012,
on the Disabled Holiday Info website



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