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Our approach to tours

Wheelchair accessible sea - Don't try this at home, folksHaving a thirst for adventure ourselves, we are passionate about exploring our world, delving into its history and culture, whilst always being aware of vital down to earth issues, searching out the smoothest wheelchair routes and those elusive accessible toilets.

For all our holidays we use our own accessible mini bus to provide carefully considered programmes of enlightening guided days and nights out. Accessibility issues are carefully researched and imaginatively tackled to enable maximum discovery with minimum frustration.  

Our tours are all about discovery, trying to connect people to the country we are visiting. After three decades spent exploring Europe on behalf of groups of wheelchair users, it would be nigh on impossible for me to take a back seat and rely on third parties to plan our excursions. I adore the driving, am fascinated by learning, excited at the prospect of sharing experiences, and love laying a tour out as an unfolding story. I have been very fortunate to be able to develop a detailed knowledge with a fairly unique combination of culture & history together with with accessibility issues. Our excursions are therefore intensively researched by us prior to the groups' arrivals, with countless possibilities discarded for every place that finally ends up on our itinerary.

We are convinced that you will witness more with us than with any other tour, yet the pace will always be set to suit you. We aim to fill your time with memorable experiences of both iconic landmarks and less charted treasures.

You can forget about worries over accessibility, and just get on with discovering amazing sights, confident in the knowledge that you are in the hands of people who really know their way around.

We do not publish itineraries until the start of our holidays as we wish to retain the versatility that comes from being able to react to unexpected opportunities and respond to clients’ needs.

We keep our groups small, generally only 8-10 people (including assistants), as we believe this is the optimum balance to ensure suitable facilities, an enjoyable atmosphere, and exceptional personal service.

Our previous clients have regularly told us that we had far exceeded their expectations of their holiday and we have always been rewarded with a very high return booking rate.
Take a look at our Feedback page to see our clients' opinions.

For an insight into the trouble we take over getting our tours to run smoothly, take a look at this article.

That essential equipment stuff


And for your interest, somehow we manage to squeeze all the equipment on the left into our accessible bus, together with more paraphernalia.
It's all there for your use at no extra cost, and our collection is constantly growing.
We have also purchased an electric hoist which can be used in "active" (standing) or "passive" (sitting) mode, and we have a small mobility scooter.
If in doubt, please ask, clarifying your needs.