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Dave & Debbie & New Minibus - Makin' Tracks wheelchair accessible holidaysMakin’ Tracks offer inspirational tours in Europe for wheelchair users with a real appetite for travel.

We're a small family company, and that's exactly how we want to stay.  Every tour is personally planned, escorted, & driven by ourselves, and since we've been doing this on & off for most of the last 30 years, we have more than a fair idea how to create a smooth & rewarding tour for our clients.

Read more about how we operate in Our Approach.

See what our clients think of us in Feedback.

Check out where we're going in Destinations 2014.


What has been the biggest change of this year?

After 16 years of faithful service from our lovely blue bus, we decided the time had come for a new vehicle.

Sourcing from Germany was an "interesting" experience that took many months, trying to patiently weave through the bureaucracy of importing a vehicle, but we eventually made it.

Why did we go to Germany to buy?New Minibus - Makin' Tracks wheelchair accessible holidays
Most European cities are increasingly limiting access to their centres, based on number of passengers, weight, and emissions.
We now have an accessible minibus which conforms to specifications that allow us to enter the heart of all these cities without restriction, unlike virtually all models made for the UK market.
We also consider it wiser to drive with the steering wheel on the correct side for the countries we travel in most frequently.

Since DVLA lived up to reputation, we had frustrating delays & uncertainty, which resulted in difficulties planning ahead for our 2014 season.  As a consequence we have had a reduced number of tours this year.  Hopefully 2015 will be back on track so we can actually pay for our new aquisition!

Check out our Destinations 2014 page to see where we're up to.  Our Christmas market trip is the last for this year.

We're well on the way to finalising our programme for 2015.
You can join us on Facebook to get in the loop and keep ahead of what we're planning.

We're always open to suggestions, so please get in touch if you've something in mind.  Indeed, if you just want advice, contact us.  We're very approachable, not scary at all!

Our groups are always small, we're highly experienced in both tourism and disability issues, and we know Europe like the back of our hands.
It's a family business - we are there personally arranging everything, never delegating to third parties or "trained" staff.

We carry a substantial amount of equipment with us, which is available at no extra cost.  Ask for details, & take a look at the photo at the bottom of Our Approach.
We have also just purchased a hoist which can be used in "active" (standing) or "passive" (sitting) mode.

If you're interested in our tours, and would like to know more, then feel free to contact us.
If you'd like to keep in touch with developments, & influence future decisions, then join us on our "Friends of Makin' Tracks" Facebook page.

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Please take a look at our Feedback page to see why our clients are so loyal.

For a behind the scenes insight into how we research tours take a look at this article about our planning for Hungary.

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And here's a reminder of our faithful blue bus that served us so well for so long - 

Bus by beach cafe - Not your conventional idea of wheelchair accessible!