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Makin’ Tracks offer inspirational tours in Europe for wheelchair users with a real appetite for travel.

We're a small family company, and that's exactly how we want to stay.  Every tour is personally planned, escorted, & driven by ourselves, and since we've been doing this in one way or another for most of the last 30 years, we have more than a fair idea how to create a smooth & rewarding tour for our clients.

Dave & Debbie & New Minibus - Makin' Tracks wheelchair accessible holidays


2019 Tours

Sadly, we have to announce that we feel we cannot realistically plan any tours until at least late this year.
A full explanation of our reasons is given below.

(Meanwhile, as an alternative focus for our energy, we are going to concentrate on building our wheelchair accessible holiday let here in Snowdonia, which we hope to have completed during 2019)

I'm sure that I don't have to spell out to you that we are stuck in the middle of unpredictable times, far beyond our control.
Using our own wheelchair accessible vehicle is core to the viability of our business, and our ability to work with a passenger carrying vehicle in the EU depends upon several reciprocal agreements. Perhaps most crucial is our permission to conduct “cabotage”, which is what happens when we pick up & drop off a group at an airport in a country other than that in which our bus is registered.
We simply don't know whether any or all of these agreements will still exist after March 29.
We also have uncertainty over vehicle insurance, which underwriters have, for the past 10 years, reluctantly extended to the limits of the EU, as they have been obliged to do so (at least to a basic level) as a consequence of European directives.
There are other potential difficulties, such as lack of recognition of the blue badge parking permit, rights to concessionary places, ending of reciprocal healthcare, and permission to temporarily export & re-import £7000 worth of mobility equipment without paying import duties.
Although all these obstacles could be surmounted, each one would complicate our work profoundly, adding substantial effort and/or expense (We have already been struggling with high prices due to sterling devaluation).

Unfortunately, clarity is something unlikely to emerge for some considerable time, particularly for people like ourselves, trying to operate a small business in a niche market. From past experience, even in more settled times we have found legal advice to be vague, non-commital, and expensive, so we have little alternative to waiting for the dust to settle before we tentatively test the water some time in the future.

As you can imagine, we are feeling heavily disappointed to find ourselves at the sharp end of changes (yet too obscure to be taken into account in negotiations) but recognise that our problems are minor compared with changes on a global scale.
Sorry for the disappointment caused to our regular clients. We'll try to keep you posted.

Best wishes to all,
Dave & Debbie


You can join us on Facebook to get in the loop and keep ahead of what we're planning.
We have our group Friends of Makin' Tracks for conversation, including sharing ideas for the future,
and we have the more formal page Makin' Tracks for the official(!) info.

We're always open to suggestions, so please get in touch if you've something in mind.  Indeed, if you just want advice, contact us.  We're very approachable, not scary at all!

Our groups are always small, we're highly experienced in both tourism and disability issues, and we know Europe like the back of our hands.
As a family business, we have been there personally arranging everything, never delegating to third parties
(though it may be that Brexit forces us to operate through others - we have to consider every avenue).

We carry a substantial amount of equipment with us, which is available at no extra cost to you.
Ask for details, & take a look at the photo at the bottom of Our Approach.
We have also a hoist which can be used in "active" (standing) or "passive" (sitting) mode,
and now a collection of small mobility scooters. 

Please take a look at our Feedback page to see why our clients are so loyal.

Read more about how we operate in Our Approach.

For a behind the scenes insight into how we research tours take a look at this article about our planning for Hungary.

Follow this link for a review by clients of a tour with us.

Gondola Venice